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I think I’m gonna practice reading in Urdu again. I studied Urdu until I was like 9-10?? But haven’t practiced reading or writing it after that. I can still read some of it if I try very very hard but I’m sure if I practice enough, I can pick it up again.

I need like kids books lmao! Any recommendations?

Heartfelt thank you to Honorable PM & the Govt of India for considering the request of the film industry for reduction in GST. If Indian cinema hopes to compete in the world market then we need the support of the Govt & Administration.

Film fraternity should realize that a GST reduction implies a responsibility too, to give a cinema that is an art form in true sense, that builds a good society a good nation, And not the stuff like Race3, Thugs…, or Zero.

I guess that’s the horse head nebula I bet someone renames it after unicorns soon peeps have gone all unicorn crazy stick a horn on a horse donkey or a mule and there you go we can just have unicorns this can now be renamed the unicorn nebula see i thought of it first.

Was very curious to check out @amazon go in #Seattle and the shopping experience = seamless, efficient & easy. Looking forward to the day “grab and go” is the standard brick & mortar model.

Some moments in the year 2018 might have disappointed you, but when you look up into the sky, don’t forget that the awe-inspiring space will continue to amaze us. As 2018 comes to an end, check out these stunning space pics from this year. #2018inReview #CGTN2018