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I’m never gonna be the fuckin jock quarterback captain all America Ken Doll that my fuckin parents want me to be. I like indie rock and I like to smoke cigarettes (cigs for short). I like artsy fuckin movies and staying up late. I was at a party where ppl did coke once. U Mad? 😈

You had doubts finding a place off campus; of course a roommate was needed to justify the costs. The applicant is this bro-wolf-jock and you worry if that’s gonna be an issue… Lucky you is well versed in medical stuff and will have your snoot patched in no time!

SPARKLE 36 🌌 when asked for their LIFE HACKS, tatsunari said sleeping naked is better to release stress. meanwhile, mario says bathing in sake and salt releases tension. what. the. fuck. i love our local nasty jocks turned grand musical actors

” Trident is too dangerous to have near the English population centre of Plymouth in case of a Nuclear fuck up with 400 safety related incidents in the last twoyears alone, but the Jocks main population centres are expendable ” MOD report

If you thought the first 8 eps of my new hit AMAZON series NEW DOGS, OLD TRICKS were good, you ain’t seen NOTHIN YET!! Check out much more of jock EVAN McLAINE coming soon! And what am I doing wearing a FUR COAT??

A local band “Seventeen” was performing at a concert when the tsunami struck. The stage was destroyed, at least one band member was killed. 👉 222 Dead, Hundreds Injured As Tsunami Strikes Java, Sumatra Islands

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