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thing over the years has remained constant. There is no substitute for the ability to distinguish people who have your best interest at heart from the people riding your jock. Listening to the right people is important.

Mary Lou McDonald reveals her take-home pay … how utterly stupid do the dinnybots look now … whilst the jocks down at @RTÉ are trousering near half a million each and still tax avoiding on that .. but the dinnybots chasing the Shinner around

Ominous. This is a cruel example of what happens when you make granstanding pokitical remarks about jets & don’t buy new aircraft or respond to market pressures or demands from foreign air forces with far better jets who want Canadian fighter jocks & pay a premium for them.

So & said I could help them run their new club, The Jocks And Nerds club! I said sure, that sounds super duper!! As it turns out, it’s actually the Jocks VERSUS Nerds club…

“The Irish should really know their place”. This is out and out racism. Ireland is a sovereign state, a member of the EU and a country with which we have international treaty obligations under the GFA.

Agreed but it is also the self same Arrogance that is destroying the last shreds of their so called British Empire. History will obliterate their memory as an evil that can’t & shouldn’t win imho Scotland to become Independent Wales to follow & a United Ireland

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